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An expert on Israeli-Palestinian relations and well-respected policy and strategy
consultant He served in the IDF for over 30 years, his last position, as head of the
civilian department in the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories
(COGAT). His military experience in Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,
academic education and current work with the various Palestinian bodies as a civilian
businessman give Col Yakubovich a unique insider’s perspective previously
unavailable to the majority of the Israeli and international public. He has received international recognition
and is widely sought after for his lectures, articles and field tours.


Gaza, The West Bank, And Everything In Between

Are Israel
and the Palestinians fated to share a common future?

Explore the present reality of the
situation between these 3 entities. Including the Geography, Coordination, Economy,
Civil Security, Connections, Friendships, Loyalties and Betrayals


From Anti-Semitism in the USSR to Building Bridges to

Grisha's Story

Col. Yakubovich shares his journey as the son of Holocaust Survivors who suffered
intense anti-Semitism in the USSR. His family emigrated in the 1970’s to a small
development town on the Gaza Border, where he was bullied as the only Russian kid in
a town of Moroccan and Tunisian immigrants. He learned English from an American
playmate and was educated in Haredi Yeshivas whose ideologies conflicted with his
family’s secular lifestyle. He entered the IDF as an infantry soldier, saw combat in
Gaza and Lebanon and experienced the loss of soldiers in his unit while he rose in the
ranks of the IDF to Colonel. He shares stories of his childhood before the first Intifada,
going to Gaza for shopping, restaurants, socializing, beaches and even to see his dentist.
You will hear personal anecdotes of his time spent as Mayor of Gaza City, his
interactions with the citizens and leaders of Gaza and the PA and his unique perspective
as one of the few civilian businessmen working with Palestinians from his offices inside
the West Bank. After hearing his stories, you will gain insight and understanding into the
personal struggles and sacrifices made by people on both sides trying to survive and live
their lives under extreme circumstances.

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Grisha Yakubovich Consulting is a talented and skilled Motivational Speaker who knows how to get a crowd inspired. With a focus on facing challenges while identifying opportunities, your audience will be fully engaged throughout.