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MD Global Compatible with Dyson Hairdryer Stand Holder Metal Dark Grey - BO1FK6IDD

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  • Premium Design for Supersonic Hair Dryer Stand: Can be used across all Supersonic hair dryer models, high quality powder coating for expression of prime colors. Engineered to maximize convenience, with its perfectly balanced design for all 3 nozzles.

  • Special Heat-Resistant Silicon Keeps Supersonic Hair Dryer Safely: With special heat-resistant silicone attached to the dryer mount area, damage to the dryer is prevented. The special silicone prevents direct contact with the stand, and glossy finish of stand surface prevents damage to valuable and pricey hair dryer.(manufactured in South Korea)

  • Environment Friendly Materials Free of 4 Major Harmful Heavy Metals: No need to worry about environmental hormones as the material does not contain the 4 major heavy metals. Scratch-resistant glossy coating received Japan’s Eco certification, which is famous for its strict approval standards.

  • Rust Prevention with Special Coating Treatment: By using special coating on steel and powder coating materials for use in humid bathroom environment, it prevents rust from forming.

  • Round Shaped Hair Dryer Stand: The holding part is designed as a round shape to ensure maximum grip of hair dryer to the stand for safe and easy use.

  • Our supersonic hairdryer stand with premium quality material and design are available for a reasonable price as they are produced in mass production as well as automatic manufacturing.

    Dimension: 4.7"(W)X11"(H)X6.3"(L)
    Weight: 1.9lb

    Hair dryers are not included in the configuration.

    MD Global Compatible with Dyson Hairdryer Stand Holder Metal Dark Grey - BO1FK6IDD