Col (Res) Grisha Yakubovich

Policy and Strategy Consultant

An expert on Israeli-Palestinian relations and well-respected policy
and strategy consultant He served in the IDF for over 30 years, his
last position, as head of the civilian department in the Coordination
of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). His military
experience in Israeli policy in the West Bank and Gaza Strip,
academic education and current work with the various Palestinian
bodies as a civilian businessman give Col Yakubovich a unique
insider’s perspective previously unavailable to the majority of the
Israeli and international public. He has received international recognition and is widely
sought after for his lectures, articles and field tours.


Grisha Yakubovich

Since concluding his military career at the rank of Colonel, Grisha Yakubovich (I.D.F. Res.) has rapidly
emerged as the expert of choice sought out by the international community on policy matters pertaining to
the Israeli-Palestinian dynamic.
His military career spanned 30 years from Infantry Soldier to Colonel as the head of the civil department
for the Coordination of Government Activities in the Territories (COGAT). He also served as a consultant
to the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence. He lived and worked with Palestinian leaders and citizens
developing methods and systems to provide infrastructure, humanitarian aid and build an economy for
Gaza and Judea and Samaria (The West Bank). Col. Yakubovich continues his service as an active
reservist and recently completed command of a reserve unit assigned to the Southern Command.
Currently, he holds the position of Palestinian Customer Marketing Manager at Nesher, the largest cement
company in Israel. In this capacity he uses his vast experience and negotiating skills to promote business
between Palestinian and Israeli companies and help Palestinian companies enter the Israeli market. Col.
Yakubovich is a featured commentator and columnist at the MirYam Institute, a forum of leading Israeli
experts sharing diverse and varied perspectives regarding the State of Israel. Additionally, he serves as a
policy and strategy consultant to various international organizations in both Gaza and Judea and Samaria.
Col. Yakubovich’s early childhood in the USSR, his subsequent move at 5 years of age to a small
development town along the Gaza Border in southern Israel, his career in the IDF and his current role in
the private sector forging commerce between Israel and the Palestinians have given him unique, ongoing
insight into the areas of negotiations, defense, infrastructure, economy and power struggles. He is
uniquely qualified to appraise current events and likely outcomes.
Col. Yakubovich has rightly earned a reputation as one of the most informed and qualified voices from
whom policy focused audiences must hear as they assess and affix their strategic outlook on the Middle
Col. Yakubovich is available for lectures in Israel and abroad, on site field tours around the Gaza
Envelope, Jerusalem and Judea and Samaria, seminars, workshops and webinars. He is also available as a
consultant to facilitate, negotiate and develop business opportunities between international entities,
Israelis and Palestinians.
Past audiences include:
 Members of the US Congress
 Members of the European Parliament
 State Governors
 Law Enforcement Agencies
 Elite student delegations
 Religious congregational leaders
 Jewish Federations throughout the US
 Jewish Community Relations Council
 Limud FSU
 Stand With Us
 Hasbara Fellowship
 Anti-Defamation League (ADL)

 American Jewish Congress (AJC)

Commentator and opinion writer to international and Israeli media outlets including:

 The Algemeiner
 Honest Reporting
 Die Welt (Germany)
 Ynet News (Israel)
 i24 News (Israel)
 The Jerusalem Post
 The Times of Israel
 CNN (United States)
 The BBC (U.K.)
 MirYam Institute


There is no one I have ever met in the 8 years that I have been involved with Israel Education that has the charisma and expertise of Grisha.  Challenges excite him, new simulations and educational models, tours and lectures are what he lives for.

Eitan Rosenfeld- Managing Director for Israel, Hasbara Fellowships


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